getting started.

hello all. finally getting my hands dirty with OF. very exciting!
as OO languages go, i’m fluent in AS3 and processing, and good with java. i know next to nothing about C++.

i’ve been digging around in the OF site and download for about an hour, and finally found this:…-sing-users

i think this is exactly what i was looking for. but it was super hard to find. is there any other general syntax/structure tutorial for learning things like header files, pointers, includes, and all the many other idiosyncratic C++ goodies needed to code in OF?

or, alternately, any threads on this forum in particular worth digging through? beginner books? other tutorial sites?

apologies if i missed something obvious…

A big Welcome!

Concerning your question…just get any C++ book from the library.
By the way, this one is quiet funny to read… “Learn to program with c++” - John Smiley.