Getting started with sound

I am a beginner to openFrameworks but have used C++ extensively before. I have become very interested in the employment of the sound libraries that openFrameworks provides. I have gone through the example files and have acquired a basic understanding on how openFrameworks deals with sound. However I am still new to the area of audio and have no prior knowledge on the subject; so I was wondering whether anybody knew any good resources for getting started in this field.
Thank you.

If you want to learn more about digital signal processing, you can check out this excellent blog which will teach you a little bit about working with actual audio signals and generating sounds. The posts are very well written and informative, I learned a ton from them.

A very good introduction about “how digital audio works” is also found here:

However, this introduction is not related to oF programming…


Agreed - I think MaxMSP and Pd are great ways of learning about digital audio.

If you are interested in synthesis specifically ‘Programming electronic music in Pd’ is really good:

Many of the concepts can be applied in oF using Maximilian, some great examples in the github repo there too—some-c+±objects-for-dsp-and-synthesis./3416/0

Thank you for the links, they were of great help, I have now understood the basics of digital audio and have started learning Max MSD and PD. Hopefully I will soon be able to use sound in openFrameworks.

Another great resource is - if you need code for filters, or just to see how other people do DSP stuff in C++. The links page is good also:


Well, since both MaxMSP and PD are visual oriented and object ‘interconnecting’ platforms, it would be useful to mention here
SuperCollider and Csound as script based and very good quality sounding computer music programming platforms. There is also the Chuck real-time coding environment for audio synthesis. You have to pay for MaxMSP but not for the rest, as they are in open-source development.

Programming sound with OF should be considered if you are going to also process/produce visuals at the same too with sound, as OF is very best at it. Programming in C++ is not the best platform for intuitive composition process but it is the right language to talk to the computer:)


out of curiousity, are there any other people using csound with openframeworks? i saw one addon here:

but you have to have csound installed on the target machine (!!!)…

has anyone else had success using the two together?