Getting started with sound/audio

I’m having a really hard time finding documentation.

I’m wanting to use the ofxSynth addon, but I can’t find out how does one get the synth playing. I see it inherits from a ofBaseSoundOutput, but I don’t know how to make it play, and there’s where my IDE dies, because even though I can compile and run the code OK, I couldn’t make C::B aware of OF’s base code.

Can anyone point me to the basis of sound synth and playback on OF?


hi Lacrymology,

welcome to openFrameworks! i hope you’re having a nice time using it so far. i’m the section leader responsible for sound, which up until this point has not been as well supported as the graphics, but i have a number of plans for improving it. over the next 12 months sound in openFrameworks should get much better.

about ofxSynth: at the moment ofxSynth is not considered official, as it relies on a feature of the sound system that was taken out recently. if you need synthesis the two ways i would recommend are Dan Wilcox’s ofxPd addon, which allows DSP using Pure Data patches, or the ofxMaxim addon, which wraps the Maximilian DSP chain.

i’m not sure about your problems getting Code::Blocks to browse the core code. i’m not personally familiar with it.

hope this helps!