Getting Started with Open Frameworks tutorials / examples

Hi All !

FITC Toronto just ended where I did a talk about intro to open frameworks. I made three examples that are pretty fun and are a good intro to some core concepts in OF. As per Joel’s suggestion I’ll be working on adding them to the “official” tutorials resources via github. but in the meantime I thought they might be useful to others that were not able to attend my talk.

They are up on github @

I also uploaded my presentation in PDF form to Slideshare. Unfortuantely it’s missing a lot of videos form the cool addons / cool works section but some googling will get you some nice videos to watch.

I’m glad people are sharing out workshop resources like this for people who can’t get to conferences, thanks for adding both the slides and the tutorials.

No problem ! All of you ( the community ) have been so great I’m glad to contribute back in any way that I can.