Getting Started with C++

Hi there,

This is probably going to be a very common question so I apologise in advance. I am very new to programming and would like to know how to get started learning C++. I am using a mac so I understand XCode is the best compiler to use? Has anyone read any books which helped you get started? Some of the books I have purchased come with compilers which are only for Windows. Only recently came across Openframeworks , it looks like you can do some amazing stuff, so just wanna get started , but not sure how, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

If I were you I’d start with a solid learning of the basics, you can go with this course:

Switching from Windows to Mac is not relevant if you don’t have prior knowledge. Otherwise just google “c++ basics mac” and I’m sure you’ll find what you need.

this looks pretty good, its cool that you can watch the lectures at any time. Thank you, much appreciated!

Hiya and welcome!

Even though it’s for Processing, Daniel Shiffman’s texts are wonderful. My students really appreciate his approach, language and style.

Generative Design, is also an excellent text (Processing)

As for C++…

Josh Noble’s Programming Interactivity covers Processing, OF and Arduino

This book is also great (and recommended to me by others here):

I hear there is a Getting Started with OF by Josh Lieberman due out soon. <— loads of great stuff

Thank you very much for these, definitely interested in all of them, looking forward to giving them a go. I appreciate it