Getting Started Tutorial

Hi friends,

In the interest of sharing and learning, I just finished writing up a tutorial that walks you through how to set up a class based oF project that builds a simple particle emitter. I’m super new to oF and C++ and was looking to write up something that demonstrates how to organize an oF project around classes and header files. Any feedback or corrections on my assertions in the post would be most welcome.…-rameworks/



great tutorial! especially the connection to AS3 is a good thing for new oFusers, i think.
but i missed something:
i think its better when you say something about that, where your app files should go, so that it finds the whole oF stuff.
something like:
go to your /apps
make a new folder /mystuff
copy the emptyexample app in that folder and rename it.

hope this helped.


Ahhh that’s a great idea. I’ll update and add that in. Thanks for the suggestion!

thanks for the tutorial post


thanks :slight_smile: