Getting Started Interactive Projection Floor


I’m just working on my first interactive projection floor.
Does anyone know how to make it using blobs detection and Kinect?

Things that I know-

-Set up the the kinect using blobs(black and white image with the detection)

Things I don’t know-

-How to set a background image like this picture for example.
-How to use the blobs to kick the ball?How to use the blobs to make some interactive stuff.

I really need a first step for this…I just don’t know what to do after make the kinect working with blobs.

I aprecciate that …Thanks A lot

If you have the kinect working with blobs, then you should have some coordinate data, with that then you can draw anything on it, for simplicity’s sake (this is what I do) I recommend just drawing a circle at those coordinates, then go on from there




I have drawn a circle as you sugest but I still have some difficults about how to acess my coordinate data.
My circle is just a simple circle.
My big difficult is how to interage with my blobs.
If I want push the circle for example.How can I do this?Which name of the “Guy"responsable for it”?Where Do I write it in my code?
Could you suggest me something?

Thanks for the help.

heya, so the reason for the circle is just so that you can see the coordinates doing their thing. so do you have an oF project using ofxKinect? That’d be the first step, with that then you should be able to then use function calls to ofxKinect to get the data.
My advice would be to have a go at some of the ofxKinect examples and get a feel of it and then go from there