Getting rid of FMOD


I have an application that does not use sound, how can a make that my project does not need the FMOD shared library (on Mac and Windows)

Also, what can I do to use OpenAL instead of FMOD in my sound projects ?

This all is mainly for license purpose…

Thanks in advance,

Some precisions :

I supposed that I had just to replace #define OF_SOUND_PLAYER_FMOD
by in #define OF_SOUND_PLAYER_OPENAL in ofConstants.h

but the compiler tells that there are missing files (kiss_fft.h, kiss_fftr.h, and Sndfile.h)

I suppose that there are also modifications to make in the compiler and linker paths

If I try to use quicktime instead, i get a message that OfQuicktimeSoundPlayer is missing.