Getting ofxGUI to work in code::blocks

Hi guys, I’m using Code::Blocks 10.05 and I wanted to use the ofxGUI, the install instructions are for xcode so I am not sure what to do to get it to work, can someone help me, or link to a tutorial?

Nevermind, I got it to work

Just for the future, it always makes sense to add the solution method to your post, to help other who might come here after you.
See also

I just followed the steps in “adding code, include paths / addons in CB”

I renamed the folder countaining the ofxUI src and example folders to “ofxUI”

Put the ofxUI folder into openframeworks/addons/.

I opened a copy of the emptyexample project, renamed it to UIexample following the steps in "creating a new OF project.

In Code::Blocks 10.05 I went to Project -> add files recursively…

I added the:

openframeworks/addons/ofxUI/src folder
openframeworks/addons/ofxXmlSettings/lib folder
openframeworks/addons/ofxXmlSettings/src folder

Here is how my Workspace looks after adding the sources (note my project name is “Temp”:

Now, right click on your project, “Temp” in my case, and go to build options:

Make sure on the left side of the window that your project is selected (“Temp”) and not release or debug.

Go to the search directories and add:


the window should look like this when your done:

Then just add

#include "ofxUI.h"  

to the top of your testapp.h and you are good to go.

Thank you for this! Much appreciated, it helped me a lot!