Getting ofxBox2d to work with codeblocks on vista64:SOLVED

I have tried and tried but my noobishness has prevented me from getting the latest version of ofxBox2d to work with code blocks on 64bit vista. When I try to run it gives me a load of errors it can’t find all the appropriate library dependencies, or even the main of library. I have checked out the install.xml file and the locations all seem to be correct, yet something must be wrong here… the path I have installed it is of_preRelease_v0061_win_cb_FAT\addons\ofxBox2d

Any suggestions?

are you on mac of pc?

PC, but I might having trouble with adding addons anyway. I am installing the complete library folder in the addons folder, I’ve tried modifying the addon.h file to include the new library, as it seems to be a list of all the addons that code blocks refers to.

These are the kinds of error messages I get:
Compiling: C:\Program Files (x86)\OF\of_preRelease_v0061_win_cb_FAT\apps\examples\example\src\testApp.cpp
In file included from C:\Program Files (x86)\OF\of_preRelease_v0061_win_cb_FAT\apps\examples\example\src\testApp.cpp:2:
C:\Program Files (x86)\OF\of_preRelease_v0061_win_cb_FAT\apps\examples\example\src\testApp.h:3:20: error: ofMain.h: No such file or directory
C:\Program Files (x86)\OF\of_preRelease_v0061_win_cb_FAT\apps\examples\example\src\testApp.h:4:27: error: ofxVectorMath.h: No such file or directory
C:\Program Files (x86)\OF\of_preRelease_v0061_win_cb_FAT\apps\examples\example\src\testApp.h:5:22: error: ofxBox2d.h: No such file or directory

Turns out I should have read this:,-include-paths–addons-in-cb/3090/0 .