Getting OF shader examples from Github?

Hello all,

I notice that the shader tutorials are not in the OF download as the documentation mentions but they are on Github.

Is it possible to download just the shader tutorials? I can’t seem to find a way to do this despite a lot of Googling and reading FAQs


You are talking about the Introducing-Shaders tutorial from the website yeah? I believe v0.8.0 predates that tutorial / accompanying files, so you won’t see the files in a v0.8.0 download. You have a few options, off the top of my head you could:

  • clone the master branch from the git repository

  • download a zip-file-of-the-master-branch (zip file link) in its current state and try to copy / move the tutorials subdirectory into your local v0.8.0

  • wait until v0.8.1 is released

I’d suggest the zip file option and cross your fingers that the tutorial files don’t require anything that wasn’t included in v0.8.0, otherwise you’ll also need to build oF from your zip-file-of-the-master-branch.

Oh another option is to grab a nightly-build for your platform, to avoid any copying-tutorials-using-new-stuff-into-older-release issues, though it will be less tested than a proper release. If you opt for the clone route, there is a nice tutorial -Basic-introduction-to-git-and-OF that might be a good primer if you are new to git.

grab the nightly build, they are included and work very well :slight_smile: