Getting milk scanner software to work

I am trying to get the milk scanner software to work. Based on the link here:

It says that I will need to use openframeworks to compile the code and run it. I have downloaded the openframework and the milk scanner source code onto my laptop, and ran through a few examples of openframework. What else do I have to do to compile or to run the milk scanner source code?

When I try to run the milk scanner source code, there are many errors that comes up including “ofMain.h” file not found, and Apple LLYM 0.6 error. Please kindly urgently help as this is for an important assignment in school!

I’d recommend emailing the author of the project (and sending him the link to this forum post or asking him directly) – his email is on his website:

Thanks Zach for the prompt reply! I have actually reached out to the author of the project before but did not get a response from him.

Hey there,
sorry, I am currently in rehearsal for a large project and won’t be able to help out.
I have given up on OSX development a couple of years ago, so all XCode projects are horribly out of date.
Current code is on my github profile on msbTools:

and you will need msbOFCore in your addons.

But you might be able to just copy the testApp.cpp file to a new project and use the msbOFCore Addon.

If all of this fails, the algorithm is really very simple and it might be easier to just re-write it yourself. :smile: