Getting live feed from Canon on windows

Hi, It’s been weeks that I try to get the live feed of cannon on my windows laptop. Seems the only addon for this on windows is ofxEdsdk which doesn’t have any documentation for windows users. I signed up on canon website and downloaded their sdk. I also downloaded the zip file of ofxEdsk and copied it to my addons folder. I copied the EDSDK folder to my ofxEdsdk folder. I have tried every variation of copying , paths , etc but at the end I get errors in my visual studio on EDSDK.dll , DPPDLL.dll , EdsImage.dll ,etc mentioning things like this : “‘0x90’:this character is not allowed in an identifier” or “unknown character ‘0x3’”
I have tried EDSDK 2.15, 3.2,3.4 and OF 9.3
I’ll appreciate if anyone can help me with this.
Thanks very much