Getting category assigned on please?

Howdy all,

Earlier this year, we released an OF addon for Tensorflow 2 (ofxTensorflow2). It was picked up by the scraper but dumped into the “unsorted” area.

Following the info posted on the website, I opened an issue on the ofxaddons repo on GH asking for the addon to be assigned to the Machine Learning category. Months later, no response. I also notice a pile up of similar issues listed as well.

In short: Can someone please follow up on this? We’d like our addon to have more visibility, especially considering the original ofxMSATensorflow addon is harder and harder to use with current systems.

I spoke to James who runs the ofxaddons site and he doesn’t have the bandwidth currently to maintain it.

I think if there were people interested in jumping in and helping with updating it and making it easier for newer addons to get picked up I could help coordinate that effort.

I know @thomasgeissl has been working on the addon related package manager and @braitsch has

Ideally we could make a hook for submitting an addon as well as a way to pull the category from the addon repo somehow.

:wave: James here. AMA.

I’d suggest automating assigning category based on either Github tags or the file tags. Tag could be format such as “ofxaddons-machine-learning” or “category-machine-learning” etc. Another option is to add a new make variable to for something like ADDON_CATEGORY = Machine Learning. Then it is up to the add-on authors to set the right tag/var which is applied during the scrape.