getPixels return type

hi friends,
may be I am missing something obvious but I can’t get rid a a couple of annoying warnings (with of 0.9.4 on OSX, XCode 7.3)

The warnings complain about some deprecated stuff. They seem to be benign since the code is working, but I’d like to make thing the proper way and solve the matter.

unsigned char* imagePixels = flowImage.getPixels();

(where flowImage.getPixels is an ofImage instance) results in ‘operator unsigned char* is deprecated’. The docs report that getPixels returns ofPixels_& but I can’t figure out what should be the type of my imagePixels…

is someone willing to help?

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something changed in the recent oF releases, try this:

unsigned char* imagePixels = flowImage.getPixels().getData();


It works! :slight_smile:

thank you!