Get xyz coordinates of vertices inside ofMesh

Hi guys!
I’m just starting with OF but I have a good background in 3d graphics
(so I’m trying to do some of the things that I would do in Maya only through OF, and it’s very exciting!) .

My simple problem is: I’d like to add more or less random movement to the vertices of a mesh based on their distance from a point light.

I’m currently moving the vertices using this code, which is having some (unintended) results:

for(ofVec3f & vertex : mesh.getVertices()){ lightDistance = ofDist(pointLight1.getPosition().x, pointLight1.getPosition().y, pointLight1.getPosition().z, vertex.x, vertex.y, vertex.z); if(lightDistance < 1000){ vertex += ofVec3f(ofRandom(-1, 1) * lightDistance/300); } }

I guess I need to have the vertex xyz coordinates in world space, or something like that…
Does anybody know how to achieve this?



Maybe you could try the ofVec3f distance function

lightDistance = pointLight.distance(vertex);
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Thanks @Gallo !
But the result is similar… (maybe ofVec3f.distance() is just wrapping ofDistance())
Here’s a short video documenting the result:
On the top left margin I’m printing the distance, and as you can see there’s something strange :grimacing: :