get volume in ofSoundPlayer

Hi - I’m new to oF - I’m trying to figure out how to use ofSoundPlayer and I think I’m a little confused on how class variables work. In my header file, I declare a variable:

ofSoundPlayer curSong;  

and in my .cpp file, in the setup function, I load a song:

curSong.loadSound("America - Horse With No Name.mp3");  

There is a class variable called volume, but if I attempt to print the volume to the debugger, I get an error that this does not exist:

cout << curSong.volume;  

What do I need to do to detect the current volume?

it doesn’t show up in the documentation page but if you take a look at the source right down the bottom there is a function called getVolume(). So cout << curSong.getVolume(); should do what you want

Just to note, it DOES show up in the doc now…