Get video streaming ogg/thedora video from Icecast server


I will appreciate some advice how to receive and render video stream from Icecast mountpoint in ogg/thedora in Linux(ubuntu 12.04). I am not sure how to start it and find any addon or similar code in Openframeworks. I guess should start using streamer and decoding with thedora.

I will appreciate any advice.

I discover that I can use gstream pipelines, but it is not very documented. I think I have to use a ofGstVideoUtils.

Here some code that I am trying to make it work to receive the video:

void testApp::setup(){  
	gst.setPipelineWithSink("wininetsrc location=[]( ! oggdemux ! theoradec ! ffmpegcolorspace ! video/x-raw-rgb, width=(int)1920, height=(int)1080, bpp=24, depth=24 ! appsink name=sink", "sink", true);   
void testApp::update(){  
void testApp::draw(){  

I keep updated if I manage to make it work.