Get Video Settings on Mac OS X 10.6?


I’m trying to compile an example with OS X 10.6.8, using the:

#include "ofQTKitGrabber.h"

So, It compiles, but when I try the video settings I got:

But, technically, I’m using the 10.6 SDK:

I don’t get it… I was trying to find this thread, but is not available:

// For Xcode 4.4 and greater, see this forum post on instructions on installing the SDK

I’m using the classic XCode 3.2.6… thanks.

Check your OS X Deployment Target setting, you might be using a 10.6 Base SDK but deploying to a later version.

this is the related topic:

I have the Base SDK set to OSX 10.6, and on the “Project” and “Target”.

And I clean up the project, but it doesn’t work… the only thing that I can’t find is the openFrameworks.xcodeproj