Get the most out of OMXplayer

Hello !
Let’s gather informations and discoveries on what you tested in order to get 1080p videos playing smoothly at 30fps. The idea is to refresh the old topics with latest Rpi 3, OF 0.10, and Raspbian Stretch, if that even matters…

I am using and developing with ofxPiMapper, and it uses ofxOMXPlayer.

I ran a few tests myself but I’m sure a lot of people here did go further than me and this is very interesting for a lot of Raspberry Pi users, as long as OF is not ported on another more GPU powered board like UDOO or else.

If you understand how OMXPlayer works internally, what can be the least GPU consuming tricks for videos ? Playing RAW video would help ?

How can I measure the GPU usage while testing different videos ? (My CPU is not at all too busy) I tried overclock it to 500MHz but didn’t get significant results.

Let’s share anything we have ! Cheers.

the point if ofxOMXPlayer is to use the GPU to decode/playback video so instead of looking at how much GPU is being used a better measurement is the CPU usage.

For instance, without GPU acceleration, video playback can easily hit 90% of the CPU. With you should see a much lower CPU %, (around 12-20%)

As mentioned in the Readme, 1080p is smooth in Direct mode however if you want texture access - 720p is better.

ofxPiMapper needs texture mode in order to manipulate the video on a mesh so 720 is best here. The Pi GPU just isn’t powerful enough to play back 1080p in this mode.

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Thank you very much for your inside input !

Do you think we can avoid the decoding process via GPU by using raw video or it would not be significant compared to h264 ?

h264/GPU decoding is the fastest path

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