Get Properties/Metadata of a file (mp3 ID3 Tags, etc)

I would like to see properties of .mp3 files such as album, artist and album art. If looked into getting it from the ofSoundPlayer() which is how I’m currently playing the .mp3. I’ve looked into ofFile() using the same file path that i use for the ofSoundPlayer() as well but it doesn’t have anything for properties either. Is there something I can do to find this information.

not in OF, to read that information you need a library that reads ID3 metadata, like

Thank you, I was wondering why I couldn’t find anything. I will get right on that

Might also look at I just added support to grab the ID3 tags as a part of my file probe. It is tested and working on OSX / Linux. Should be possible to get working on windows as well.

any sort of instructions that work for either of the two? I can’t seem to find one that works. I always get crazy amounts of errors

I’m happy to help you get ofxLibav working – but I need a little more information than “crazy amounts of errors”. :smile: