Get light power

Is there a way to get a parameter that defines the “light power” out of an ofLight object?
I see that there are values like attenuation, but no power. I need it to calculate the radiance at a certain point on a surface.

the power is just the color of the light, a light with color 0 has strength 0 with color 1 strength 1. you cna probably use the brightness of the color if you want to use a 1 component measure instead of a 3 channels one

As it is a PointLight, which method should Isuse tho get the color? getDiffuseColor or getAmbientColor?
Diffuse sounds more appropriate to me

diffuse, ambient is just a low amount of light added to all the scene to compensate for the fact that analytic light calculation doens’t take into account rebounds of light from other objects or scattering

thanks, it works. I’ve found a way to adapt this value to my calculations