get All Images from folder


Is there an easy way to get all images from one folder so you can load all of the using ofImage? I don’t have any experience with that so any hints would be appreciated. It does not necessarily need to be cross plattform, Mac would be enough for now but it would be a plus if there is a way to make it work on all systems.


Hi moka,

I generally make a folder at the same level as my data directory and put all my movie clips or images in that. then I can just use ofxDirList to get a list of files in the directory - …/movieclips or …/images. Put that through a loop that loads the images and you’re done.

of course the limitation of this system is that I think the folder must be at the same level as the application .exe.

oh, damn I am an idiot for not seeing that there was an addon for that allready :slight_smile:

thanks for telling me hehe