Gesture recognition library?

sorry to ask,is there any existing gesture recognition library for c++ or ofw?
i might using ofw to develope a interactive-table based on gesture recognition. any thoughts? thxs in advanced!

might be helpful :

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Probably not a lot of help, but I’ve already done this sort of thing in Java and Flash.

And the boss let me make a game out of it:

The neural net code I used is very easy to port between languages. I will say that how you teach it the gestures is obviously the most tricky part and because neural nets start off in a randomised state, it’s often pot luck that you teach it well (I’ve tried teaching an unrandomised neural net and the results are pretty crap).

great,thxs for both of you

I am currently working of porting to openFrameworks, with an example on learning / recognizing mouse gestures.

Getting close to having something done…

this would be great to see for the multitouch library i am working on :slight_smile:

Oh weird - how come there are two threads on this: