Gestreamer question


Sorry for the noob question, but here it goes. I am doing a project where I am receiving a live H.264 encoded RTP payload video stream (this encoding might be flexible). I want to take this video stream and use OpenCV to perform some distortion correction and then view the video in an Occulus Rift DK2.

Is openframeworks appropriate for my project? I see that there are plugin for openframework for all of the above mentioned software/hardware. Where can I get a gstreamer example? Can I decode a RTP payload in windows?


I’m actually working on a very similar project at the moment. I’ve been having some issues, but mostly everything is fitting together.

I can’t speak to grabbing the video stream (although this and this look helpful), but there is a pretty useful ofxOculusDK2 addon which worked for me after a little tweaking.

I’m still lost on how to do the distortion adjustment on video, so if you figure that out, I’d love to see. The addon (and most, if not all Oculus apps) uses shaders to do the distortion, not OpenCV stuff; implementing them with video is just too tricky for me at this point.

Hey Mareman12019,

I just fund the ofxGstRTP project as well. I am trying to build on the examples. How do I get an example from ofxGstRTP into visual studio? The ofxGstRTP documentation says to use “Project Generator.” I build the project generator from the OpenFrameworks github repo, but I am not sure what to do with the project generator for the example. I see there are a few makefiles in the example directory, what do I use to have the makefiles give me a visual studio project?

Have you been using the github version of openFrameworks, or the 0.8.4 release zipped version? The zip is easier to use, and has a pre-built Project Generator specifically for your platform. Give that a shot, otherwise you have to build it yourself.

I’m not a Windows guy, so I can’t help with specific problems for that platform.