geometry occlusion checking

Hi everyone -

Question: is there a sane method of checking if, say, a given triangle is occluded from a camera view? I’m afraid the solution may be much more complicated than the question …


Just throwing out ideas, it sounds like you don’t want to render, you want to do a pre-render pass, right?

One easy (read: naive) way is to construct an octree and cast rays from the camera through that octree. First thing to get hit means that everything else along the ray can be flagged as no-render. There are tons of techniques for doing this on the GPU but I think a lot of them are in OpenGL 4 :confused:

This might give you some more ideas too.

Thanks for the article - thats a good reference. I was trying a little experiment rendering of3dPrimitives using cairo, which means the 3d objects have to be drawn onto a 2d plane. This works fine until the issue of occlusion culling comes into play … i just wanted to check if there wasn’t a quick and easy solution first.