Genetic Blobs

Hi… I’ve written a program with blobs which can mate (genetic crossover) and mutate over time - thus allowing certain traits to be selected for. The blobs flex and move organically, and it is their size and movement qualities that form the “blob genome” (i.e flex speed, movement thrust, movement damping, and so on). Mature blobs are black, juvenile blobs are blue (and grow to full size in a few seconds), and dying blobs are red.

Source code here:

At the moment the blobs will converge on a particular strategy for survival (run it and you’ll see). I might add some more traits and world conditions to perturb this…

If anyone has any suggestions or tips I’d be happy to hear them (this is my first “non exercise” OF program). If anyone knows why when you increase the number of blobs from 70 to 100 the screen goes crazy and then the program crashes…then let me know :slight_smile: Also, I know the code isn’t that well commented, but I could post a better commented version if there is interest.

[attachment=0:1jb9exj0]genetic blobs 2.jpg[/attachment:1jb9exj0]

![]( blobs 2.jpg)

HI @Giles the code is not more available in the link, can you upload the code again? Thanks