Generative Mesh Tutorial for Beginners

I’m working on a tutorial tentatively titled “Basics of Generating Meshes from an Image.” It’s aimed at beginners who are just getting started coding. I’m trying to write it so that if the reader understands loops, conditionals and the anatomy of an oF app, they should be able to follow along. It starts with basics of an ofMesh, then goes into using an image to drive the creation of the mesh, and finally gets into adding some simple motion+interactivity (via noise, trig and vectors).

I think it might be a helpful complement to Joshua’s openGL tutorial - something hands-on and project-based for getting started with generative meshes.

I’d love any feedback.


that looks great, i like how it goes trough all the basic steps to arrive at doing a more or less complex project. if you want to send a PR we can merge it in the website

Great! I’ll do that now.

HI Mike ,I followed your tutorial (Basics of generating Meshes from an Image), I can not find my problem but the first step I don’t have 3 white points on my canvas I tried copy and paste it then and still can not see the points ,so does the third steps,I have hubble stars image loaded success but then no mesh generated .I was wonderring if you have time to help me find it out the problem .
Thank you .