Generative mesh extrusion

Hi, I would like to make some generative art similar to this in oF, and hopefully make some ofx addon for this.
This might be possible with ofxVbo or something, but not sure of how everyone does vector calculation and so on, to make some extruding animation or generation.

I hope to hear from who has a good idea for this, thank you.



Hello Jotaro, there is no magic in vector calculation in openFrameworks, there is a vector class glm::vec3 and you can apply vector operations to define the position of the vectors. Once you have them, you put them into a mesh.

It really depends on what you want to do, if you want to learn how to make generative meshes and write your own addon, I would suggest you to start with something simple, like a cube. In this way you can get familiar with vertices, indexes, faces and normals.
Search for the method addVertex in the examples/3d folder if you want to see how to create generative meshes from vertices.

If you want to make some generative meshes, without building them vertex per vertex, you can find some addons.
This one is maybe good to do what you want to do:

I’ve also written an addon way simpler,

there is also this, that looks pretty similar to what you want to achieve

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Thank you for your detailed information.
I’ll try things you said, and let you know as soon as I get something.


Oh, BTW I’m currently in Berlin for summer internship :slight_smile:

Ah! now I’ve connected your nickname with the real person, you were at the last OF meetup in Berlin.
Welcome to the forum :wink:

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Wow, good to see you again here :smile:

Hi, I tried your ofxBranchPrimitive example but getting errors.
Please check out my issue.


Hello Joe, I’ve answered on github. Maybe I should add a note about the OF versions supported, if this is the case

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