Generative Graphic Project (Paid)


I am looking to pay for someone to build be a very simple small piece
of software for an exhibition, i’m sure it’d be easy for someone who
knows what they are doing.

The piece would be a fire/flame graphic that would be generative, it
would be CPU responsive so the more you clicked on things on your
computer the more the fire would grow. It will then be burnt on a CD
that would start automatically on insertion and would end on
I have tried myself to build this but i have very limited knowledge in
the area, it is for a piece i am making for my fine art undergrad
I can discuss payment on response, i’m looking to have this built

Thanks so much,
David Smith

You should probably add you location and if you’re willing to work with coders from far away, or only local ones.

I’m based in London, but i’m willing to work with anyone. I can contact people via skype or email.