Generative Design/Generative Gestaltung book examples

I acquired a very nice book called “Generative Gestaltung” (Generative Design) in the library. It’s made for Processing beginners with focus on how to create nice visuals with code.

All the examples from the first chapter, now in openFrameworks, are online here: (except for one about interpolating colors).

The code is more or less commented. I would really appreciate your comments about my coding style, since it’s my first time working with C++ and I really like to use and learn the language!

hey, thumbs up, this must be a nice way to learn oF. props for getting it online!
I’ve been meaning to buy the book for a while, but the price is a bit steep i gotta admit.
I will have to postpone looking through the code, I’m swamped.
if you have questions about c++, a great resource to learn is (and for more complicated questions)

bilderbuchi: I don’t buy books anymore. Too much moving around and caring boxes of them damn paperstacks with me broke my back :smiley:

Thanks for, as webdev I’m aware of stackoverflow. I also got myself a Grundkurs C++ book.

I have to admit, that I love oF. So much fun with so much power!

I aquired a good book called “Generative Gestaltung” and has a website completing the book =>

It’s aimed at people interested in programmatical design and works with processing. As I work myself through the book I’ll upload the examples:

Furthermore, your comments are highly appreciated, since I’m a C++ beginner.

really, there’s no need to double-post (I just thought that I had a really strong deja-vu). If you don’t object, I’ll merge with your other, identical, thread, into this forum.

If you’re able to, I would be very happy. Was just not the appropriate section before. :slight_smile:

Thank you alot!

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Thanks alot bilderbuchi! Nice :slight_smile:

Thanks for the examples, I had recently read this book too and had been creating my own simple examples but was stuck on implementing the Cellular Automata chapter. Great work !

Hey I’m also new in oF, I made some generative stuff based on this book, is all in processing, now I wanna translate to oF but I’m having baby steps issues… I’m currently working in Mac.
Is there a X-code project some where?

It will be nice to see how the mesh code is apply on it so I can get more a picture what is going on…

work example:


Any chance reuploading generative design to of? link seems to be broken :confused:

The link is broken. Do you have a working one?

Oh I found it, I guess is this one:

And I found another one: