Generative 3d shapes addon

Can anyone recommend a library/addon for simple 3d shapes that handles simple lighting as well. Shapes like cubes, 3d arcs, etc.

I know it can all be done with opengl commands but was hoping to find a nice easy to use addon that does alot of the work for me.


OpenFrameworks has gl lighting using ofLight + ofMaterial.
There are also basic primitives including: ofSpherePrimitive, ofPlanePrimitive, ofCylinderPrimitive, ofConePrimitive and ofBoxPrimitive.
A good reference is examples/3D/3DPrimitivesExample/.
ofPolyline does arcs in 3D, but there isn’t a way to render geometry around it.

If you need more functionality, Some people have used I haven’t tried myself, but it might be a little trouble to get started. Looks like there is an addon

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