Generate code block project with the existing files

Hi forum,

I am going through the tutorial section and want to get by hands into some of the code snippet attached along with the tutorials. The attached .zip files contains only the source and we have to generate the project by ourselves.

I tried with the code block project generator, but it does not include the existing files. The project generator creates some files of its own .

Any hint to create code block project with the existing source ?

I didn’t have luck with PG under Ubuntu, but I didn’t digg deeper. Regardless what OS you are using I suggest you to copy the emptyExample folder and replace the names of the project, workspace and folder with your project’s name.
Second edit the .cpb and workspace file to put in the correct project names inside.

Tinker around your sources to fit their code to the testApp.h and testAp.cpp. Be aware if there are addons, in that case edit the adons.make file and put their names in there.
Hope it helps.

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Thanks for the hint!

May be i am not qualified to make such a comment, but i would like to say that OF has been around us for quite a while and it is unfortunate to see that there is no efficient way to address this issue or probably addressed but not shared.

As long as we do not have anything better i shall follow your sugestion.

@kylemcdonald has a visual reference (for doing something similar to what @kovicic is suggesting, but via PG) hosted on vimeo here.