Generate all examples projects (XCode)

Hi. I am using OF from GitHub (current master branch, periodically pulling changes). So far - everything works. But as I am a novice “developer” so I am still checking OF examples pretty often. The problem is that the examples in GitHub Master branch do not have XCode project files anymore.

I know that I should use ProjectGenerator for that. But how? Should I generate each project manually? Selecting names/addons? This looks wrong and anyway will take ages…

Also I can copy all the examples from OF 0.9.0 download package, but this will break GitHub tracking…

So my question is: how to get all exmples XCode project files without breaking GitHub stuff?

Thanks a lot,

I found a script “openFrameworks/scripts/osx/”, hoping this will generate project files for me, but actually it fails to build because of missing Xcode project files.

you can use the project generator to create the project files. the easiest is to get it from the download in the web but you can also build it from github

I have ProjectGenerator, but i still don’t know how to generate a project for of/examples/3d/cameraLensOffsetExample? Should i generate it to the same folder? Will src files be overwritten or not?

But as i told - it doesn’t look as a perfect solution. I was coping there is a script for generating ALL examples projects at once, but probably not… I think i will just get a download package of OF 0.9 and keep it for examples…

You can click the advanced options in preference(?) of the ProjectGenerator.
And then make Xcode projects by update multiple.

Wow, i didn’t know “advanced options” existed in PG. I am compiling ProjectGeneratorSimple from GitHub under OSX (osxFix branch, because “master” branch is missing XCode files) and there are no “advanced options”. Also I just compiled ProjectGeneratorLegacy - and there are also no “advanced options”. What am I doing wrong?

Sorry, I feel very stupid, but the more I read about different project generator versions - the more I get confused…

Ah. if you have the ProjectGeneratorLegacy, you can simply make examples projects.
Click the Generate :slight_smile:

Yes, the Legacy PG “generate examples” did work for me, thanks a lot!
Didn’t notice this checkbox at all.

hi all,
total newbie here. going a little bit mad around this area of projectgenerator.
is github the best place to obtain OF? advantages / disadvantages?
if so - i don’t get this seeming contradiction. (quoting below from the of github page)

“This release of OF comes with several folders:
export (on some systems)
project generator”

but then it says
project generator is a GUI based tool for making new projects - this folder is only there in packaged releases.

when i get of from github - there is no projectgenerator - this is correct?

are packaged releases the ones one downloads from the OF website?
when i download from the OF website - the projectgenerator only lets me compile for osx (my os)

apologies for my ignorance. i might have go this totally wrong. what i want to do, is write an app for e.g. ios, and then import and compile for android. is this what projectgenerator is for (as well as adding addons)?

sorry if i’m being dumb…