General OF requested

Hello-- I have been teaching using OF for over a year now and we’ve made good progress with it, but there are repeated problems students (and myself) have run into and I’m wondering if you can point me in the right direction…These problems pertain to the Windows version running OF 0.10.0 and Visual Studio.

  1. There are occasions during the VS link process where it it can’t overwrite the debug libraries that get created in the OpenFrameworks/apps/MyApps//bin directory. It seems to be an intermittent problem with all projects. If you manually go and delete the old files and rebuild, (F5), you can get around it. How do we fix this ?

  2. I am unsure whether we should be using w32 or i64 build architecture (setting in VS). we are using debug release but I occasionally switch to "release"for performance testing. i64 build seems to present a lot of type conversion warnings. What is the recommended build architecture ? The reason why I went with 64-bit was to overcome a problem with freeImage.lib not being found. (see below).

  3. On some machines OF VS build/ link doesn’t find the freeimage.lib. This is puzzling because it appears that OF has a copy of the library in it’s release tree. So, why would I need to install another copy of the library on Windows ? I have reinstalled the library, but eventually the problem comes back. I am guessing that a windows update may have stomped on it and removed it again. Any ideas ?

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sorry meant freeImage.dll and x64 (not i64)


1 is a known problem and should be solved already in the nightly builds
2. is also a known problem, we haven’t solved it yet but 64bits works just fine it’s just that vs is much more strict about certain type conversions than other compilers so it emits a lot of warnings
3. Can you open an issue on github?

Thanks for the reply.
We use the production release 10.0, but I may keep a parallel nightly build around to test our work on that.
It’s nice to know that we think the 64 bit warnings are innocuous.
I just opened issue #6132 on github. I had an account of github but I’ve never logged a bug, hopefully I entered it in the correct place. Let me know if more information is needed.

#1 is meant to be solved by previous commit which is already merged to patch-release repo but not solved because of my mistake.
Here is additional PR for complete fix.

Sorry again.
Easiest way to solve #1 is just clean your solution and compile again.
But it takes time to rebuild everything including oF.
You can use Build > Project Only > Build, Rebuild, Clean, Link option.
This way Visual Studio does not compile oF itself but only your project related files. Compile time is much shorter. It would be easier for your students.