General Graphics Question

Hi. I’ve been poking around with openFrameworks for a little while now, I’ve got folders full of “thisTest” and “thatTest” apps. I still have some questions about graphics however, and was hoping to get some insight here.

So I know that OF has some drawing tools (ofCircle, ofRect, etc) and that I can load images from files or cameras. I’m wondering how people achieve some of the highly detailed projects that I’ve seen. Some examples could be the projects. Are there just a bunch of images loaded into something like that, which get manipulated through the program? Would they have used 3D object files that already had textures loaded with them? How much of a project like that is being draw to screen using the drawing tools in OF? And how much do gl shaders come into play (something that I need to learn)?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Looking to take some ideas and things I have learned to the next level.

Thanks a lot.

it really depends on the single project and on the sensibility of the coder: OF gives you the ability to mix images, videos, 3d models and generative drawing, so it’s easy to realize what you have in your mind.

Images and videos can be used to texture a 3d generative scene, a 3d model can be deformed with some perlin noise, the feed of camera can be used an action painting effect: the limit is your fantasy.

I suppose GLSL shaders are not strictly needed for “creative coding”, but most of us use them because the give you the possibility to add a great amount of detail without killing the performance.

Final consideration: a lot of the techniques used in the game industry are useful in this kind of stuff, so, learning “how do they do it in videogames” is probably a good method of learning new tricks.