Gegenlicht - Audio Reactive Realtime Super Fun Time

info and video at vimeo:

wow! :shock: looks great!
greetings ascorbin

hey moka
please share code with us!
greetings ascorbin

Hi ascorbin,

I am currently pretty busy with things so you will have to wait for any OF source code. Here is a link to a tutorial though which helped me alot:

basically what I did is to use only about 30 samples instead of 100 to make it run better on my old laptop. Afterwards I blurred it to make it smoother(as you can see in my screenshots)

Hope that helps for a start.

cool video! If you’re not too busy, could you explain the sound reactive part a little bit? Is there a good spot online to read about it?

hey, the audio reactive part is actually pretty basic. You should look into the soundPlayer that comes with OF, I did not use anything else.

Basically what you would do is to grab the FFT values for each frame from the track you loaded into your app. Then you use that data to influence thiings the way you want to.

ha, wow I shoulda seen it… I really can’t wait till the openframeworks book programming interactivity comes out. im reading opencv by o’reilly right now… if feel like a book’ll help me not make mistake like overlooking ofSoundGetSpectrum.

Anyways, I just made my first sound reactive app, thanks so much!