G'day from Auckland, NZ


I’ve been a developer for years and years doing design-heavy websites and games, mostly Flash and now getting into HTML5 and webGL. I’ve recently been doing more interactive artwork and other fun things that have required building grunty tools that run fast and are flexible enough for a chaotic design process of hacking/experimentation/starting again from scratch.

So far my experience with oF has been fantastic and the community amazingly generous of their time and brilliance.

Thanks so much for your hard work and generosity. Looking forward to pitching in


hey, welcome to OF! i spent a couple weeks in auckland once working with the church on the “night lights” projection for the ferry building. it’s a great city.

maybe you know these folks:


I do know of those guys, but I’ve only just started working with them. They’ve commissioned a series of works to run on a massive screen in the foyer of the Aotea Centre. I submitted a proposal and they’ve accepted it (yay!), so I’ll be building something with them for the new year.

I was planning to create it in Flash, because that’s where my expertise lies and I’ve had good luck with it in the past ( http://www.screens.org.nz/seung-yul-oh-rain/ was a collaboration with an artist named Seung Yul Oh. We projected it on the wall, and had plinth in the middle of the room with a keyboard on it. It was great… people approached so tentatively and delicately… the interactive encouraged them to press more and more until they were banging like little kids on a grand piano.)

Now that i’ve gotten into OF, it certainly feels like a better way to go, especially if you want to do anything with cameras and computer vision.


Hey Jeff, just saw your post. I’m in the process of doing a project for the Aotea Center screen at the moment. Should open on Dec 13. It’s called Skylight and is an augmented architecture idea bringing the outside environment into that space.

I saw your work with Seung and it’s cool. In particular the way you’ve preserved the original hand drawn feeling.


Cool, I look forward to seeing the project. I’ll try to make it to the opening and introduce myself.