gbBike + oculus + 2 dof = madness


I just want to show you a project that we release last year for a beer company called estrella galicia.

We record a 360 onboard video with alex marquez, at the same time we stored the telemetry of the bike to later move the platform, also we used a “poor man imu” to store the rotation of the camera rig to normalize the position of the camera…

Lot of thanks to Patricio Gonzalez Vivo for his help and knowledge !!! And to the oF community!!!

P.D. Yep we have a typo in the printers

Feel free to ask anything


Awesome, really glad to see how this came together!


I had good times with this seeing people enjoy the installation, kids and “adult kids” get a lot of fun

Now we are working in a new project using oculus + rpi video stream + rc car + wheel and pedal. Something like a fpv drift car