gamuza, easy developing video tracking installaton software

Gamuza is a d3cod3 open source software project, based on/developed with openframeworks. It can be used under CC-GNU GPL license and is basically a bridge over c++ programming designed for developing purpose-independent interactive installation mainly based on video tracking techniques.
Many parts of the code comes from different people, sometimes modified depending on needs, and always commented into the code.
The basic idea of this project is to offer a specific tool designed for non-professional or absolute beginners programmers working on art/interaction/design field, and to provide an easy-to-use fast-approaching tool to cover computer vision interaction design teaching needs.
This software is the practical part of a research project, about the spacial/technical characteristics of computer vision based artistic interactive installation of the last forty years. From the analysis of artist reference, and through the models recognized, this paths are the base of the idea.

made with OF006

All the info at the webpage →

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I’m trying test gamuza, but i can’t connect it to the flash app (that works fine with CCV). Somebody konw about manuals or additiona information about gamuza.

Thanks in advance

Does anyone have a Windows compiled version? :stuck_out_tongue:

just wanted to say that you’ve done an amazing job putting all the OF code snippets together into the one app. i see a lot of familiar code in there and some that i haven’t seen before, which is always exciting.


Really really handy! Some techniques i didn’t know of! Bg thumbs up!

Is not working for me in Snow Leopard… i get some liking errors. Is there any download for that?


When I try to test Gamuza 002 for Windows, I get an error saying this:

SETUP: Looking For Capture Devices
SETUP: 0) Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision
SETUP: 1 Device(s) found

SETUP: devices[1] not found - you have 1 devices available
SETUP: this means that the last device you can use is device[0]
OF_ERROR: error allocating a video device

Can someone recompile gamuza 002 and change this parameters:
ID=1 to ID=0
workingW=320 to workingW=640
workingH=240 to workingH=480


wouldn’t those settings exist in an xml file inside of the data/ folder?

maybe you can change them there.
I doubt they would be hardcoded into the app.

Are you guys planning porting the projects to 061 sometime?

Not for the moment, i’m working on gamuza 0.3 version, adding a lot of stuff, with multiple modular interface, the one for video tracking, another one with audio analysis and a sequencing synth, another one for arduino (some kind of pduino but in a of graphical interface); i’m the only one working on this and it’s impossible to develop for every platform, for every os version, for every OF version, etc…
The project is open to everyone, i will be happy do upload or link in the gamuza webpage every working different OF, OS version people will send me

you could host it on github? i think that would make collaborative development much easier?

created this morning:

for every question mail me at

Added bezier mesh mapping of second screen FBO output texture


And working on audio section, microphone input analysis implemented with Correlation, FFT and pitch detection; developing synth machine section.


looks nice! i like the mapping function.

i spend like hours trying to compile it with code blocks because it starts the wrong device for my webcam on my computer

i gave up cause of some alsa things from the midi addons

does anybody want the codeblocks files for OF 0062 Gamuza 0.3 ?

hey all, I also tried using gamuza, and get almost the same error as the quoted user. And there doesn’t seem to be an xml file inside of the data/ folder. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hi akeem,

this is the first fixing of the list for gamuza0.3… what you have to do is to open the project, go to gamuzaApp.cpp, go to the setup() function and change things here:

workingW = 320;  
workingH = 240;  
totPixels = workingW*workingH;  
linuxFullScreen = false;  
frameCounter = 0;  
firstScreenW = FSWIDTH;  
firstScreenH = FSHEIGHT;  
secondScreenW = SSWIDTH;  
secondScreenH = SSHEIGHT;  

In the line vidGrabber.setDeviceID(0); you change the number to your right device number, compile and run

Anyway, in september i’ll finally release gamuza0.3 with new gui (ofxControlPanel), multitab multicamera detetion, with lots of new stuff, tracking section, audio analysis section, audio synthesis section, arduino section, output texture mapping using FBO with shaders…

thnks for the info. I’ll give that a try.