Anyone implemented Gamecenter into an oF app? I have the easy stuff done, like sending scores, but displaying the Gamecenter screens seems to be beyond me, as in I don’t know anything about view controllers and delegates.

Does it make sense to try and muddle through it using the mapkit code as an example?

It’s funny, just as I hit post my build finished and it turned out my last test actually worked. I dunno if I’m doing things the right way, but I just added a couple of methods to EAGLView to respond to the Gamecenter screens closing and it ran fine.

I’ll post code later if anyone needs it, though I do think it would be better to develop an ofxiPhoneGameKit to handle everything nicely. I’m in “do just enough to get it working” mode right now though.

hello there,
i’m in the process of starting working on a little game and i’d love to have a look at your code.
i’m still in a never ending transition from maxmsp to OF, so any line of objective-C looks pretty much like tibetan to me…

Yeah if I can dig it out. I later found out how to do it the right way.

You can find a GameCenter addon here as well:

Just looked at that, I think it’s just for sending scores/achievements. For displaying them you have to make sure your app handles the view stuff properly.