Game Of Thrones - Ascend the Wall

Hello All,

I just am wrapping up the first stop of this tour and wanted to share this project.

This experience uses an Oculus Rift to transport a patron on a 700 foot elevator ride to the top of The Wall. Once at the top, they walk along a snowy path till they reach a ledge. They are then able to take a look around the ledge and explore the view. See this article for more information (or the other hundreds on the web):

Each of the physical elevators that patrons go into for the experience are fitted with two large fans and a rumble deck. A brand ambassador assists the patron into the elevator and helps fit the Oculus Rift and headphones on them. They then trigger a start command with an iPod Touch to start the experience.

I wrote the Show Control system software with OF. The core functionality is based off of ofxTimeline, which is an awesome add-on developed by James George/YCAM. It utilizes OSC between each of the iPod Touches to trigger starts/resets, as well as provide feedback to the brand ambassadors stationed at each elevator. This allows them to follow along with the experience and provide assistance when needed. Each of the elevators has a “fan panel” which I built using two industrial variable frequency drives. These allow me to change the speed and ramp the fan intensity as needed to follow the experience. I also have a multi-channel audio interface which outputs audio to an amplifier that drives bass shakers mounted to the floor. Each of the bass shakers get about 1000 watts of power and provide a very unique tonality to emulate an old wooden elevator raising.

Because this experience is traveling around the world over the next year, I needed to build this rock solid. I used almost entirely all rack-mounted servers, networking, battery backups and monitors. All of the cable assemblies will be bonded together in a single sheath so that its only one hod of cable coming up into it for cleanliness as well as ease of installation and strike. I also built custom panels with all easy install connectors in one spot to avoid running cables in multiple directions. We have had thousands of people come through this per day without any issues, less the Oculus which just isn’t intended for this type of environment.

Below are some pictures:

Ryan Wilkinson
Wired Media Solutions


Hey ryan,
this looks awesome!! I’m at SXSW. Where is this located? It would be great if we could meet. PM me if you are able.

So rad! Thanks for the post Ryan