‘G_BEGIN_DECLS’ does not name a type

I have this problem with Karmic and of0.6, with the fixes that have been posted:

error: ‘G_BEGIN_DECLS’ does not name a type  
error: ‘GType’ does not name a type  
(this error repeats a lot)  

running any of the examples.

Any help?

Just so that you know, this sort of post should really be in the Linux section by the way…
Did you add the gstreamer libraries as I suggested in this thread:
In other words in the project preferences in the Libraries tab I had to add the following:


Make sure you have run the ./install_dependencies.sh script before this though.

Thanks for the reply and sorry for posting in the wrong subforum.

Thats another problem i had before. My solution was to symlink ‘/usr/include/gstreamer-0.10/gst’ in ‘/usr/include/gst’, so the project can find gst/gst.h.

Ive searched for these errors and they seem to be from glib, and gobject. Should i add these in project includes?

No you shouldn’t need to include any of these.

I did a search for those defines and the only place they come up is here, which is a GStreamer related file:


Probably you’re having trouble finding some of the GStreamer header files.

Which version and distribution of linux are you on? Ubuntu is the “officially” supported distribution, but debian and fedora should work fine (but are not as well-tested).

The standard procedure to install OF linux is to do the following:

  1. Download the OF linux installation files (the FAT package contains the core addons but it not strictly required)

  2. Extract the archive then run the install_codeblocks.sh and install_dependencies.sh scripts which can be found in the scripts/“your distribution”/ folder.
    For Karmic you will need to run the latest install_codeblocks.sh script that was recently posted in the Linux forums.

I recommend trying this again from scratch and reporting what errors you come across because normally it should be pretty smooth.