I’m proud to announce my first app, made with OpenFrameworks, is now on the iOS app store!


Time To Get Funky!

FunkyBooth uses frames taken from the video camera in your iPhone or iPod Touch to create images that distort with movement.


  • Live Preview Mode: just fire her up, select your FX and watch the pretty colors!

  • Save Photos To Your Library: enjoying this particular distortion? Just press the disk button to save.

  • Make It Funky: In a different mood? Just hit plus or minus and see things from a different perspective with 40+ FX.

  • Retina Display Compatible: Make it hi-res, if you’ve got the equipment.

More screenshots can be found here:

App Store page is here:

My thanks to all of the OpenFrameworks community. Your examples and assistance have been great!


A Stellato

Special thanks is due to James George and ofxSlitScan for teaching me proper use of malloc(), and how to deal with a buffer of images. Seriously, you rock man.