Funky Particles on Android

this is my first android openframworks project.
It does nothing spectecular yet and is only good looking.
Runs @ 60 FPS on my Samsung Galaxy S.



Cool, first Android OF demo, great work!

It is just a test for me and the only thing it does is looking cool. :slight_smile:

Good… Environment!!
I have a question.

Where did you to compile environment?

Linux? (Ubuntu or Redhat) or… MacOSX??

Recently I have compiled in MacOSX Eclipse IDE…
But I didnt compile completely…
I think about that reason… is
maybe MacOSX…

**** Build of configuration Release_arm7 for project androidAudioExample ****

make all
make: echo: No such file or directory
make: *** [] Error 1

This result is from the Eclipse Gallieo…