Funded Winter Residency for Interactive+Film Artists

Laboratory’s mission is to provide practicing interactive artists with the time, space, and freedom to make awesome stuff. So we want to offer you space to live, space to work, tools, mentorship, and connections to make that happen.

This winter, we’re partnering with local community television station CMTV, and looking for projects that combine interactivity with video. That can mean a lot of things - maybe you’re looking to make a choose-your-own-adventure YouTube narrative? Or making a performance that leads to an awesome film experience? You’ll get access to their awesome new studio, and in return we ask that at the end of your residency, we will have at least a 30 minute video that we can use as content for our community TV station. It could be your project, it could be an in-depth ‘making of’ video, it could be a recording of a performance - you’re creative, I’m sure you’ll figure out something awesome to propose to us! We will be able to supply some assistance with shooting and editing, but plan some time to collaborate on that work as well.

Our winter session runs from 01 December 2018 through 28 February 2019, and we’re accepting applications for 1 to 3 month residency periods within that time. We’d love to get yours; details on applying are on the How to Apply page, deadline is 17 August 2018.

More information can be found at

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