Fun with volumetrics and time

Hey all,

I finally wraped my brain around shaders, at least well enough to port Peter-Trier’s-raycasting-shader to GLSL.

The volume I am using is created from realtime motion diffs from a webcam, the result is that you get to see a shell of your body and the path it has taken over a short period of time.

Here are two short tests with just me in my studio:
this one was running at 320x240 and captured in realtime with gtk-recordmydesktop. It introduced a few stutters but the image quality is not bad.

This was running at 640x480 in realtime and captured by pointing another camera at the monitor to reduce stuttering.

I’m currently processing video from pointing the camera outside at a busy street-corner, which looks pretty amazing, and I’ll post it here when it’s uploaded.
Update, here it is:

I posted some code snippets in,-cpu-vs-gpu/3277/11, but it is not finalized yet. I am thinking of releasing it as an ofxVolumetrics addon once I clean up the interface a bit.

this is super cool man!

great job! this looks soo awesome!

This looks lovely.