Fulscreen over multiple screen in Linux - computer stalls

Dear all,

I try to get Fullscreen over multiple screens in Linux with arturos code:

int main()
    ofGLFWWindowSettings settings;
    settings.windowMode = OF_FULLSCREEN;
    settings.multiMonitorFullScreen = true;
    ofRunApp(new ofApp);

I get what I desired: a perfect fullscreen window stretched over all screens - but the computer slows down extremely, actually nearly stalls. “top” shows me “Xorg” is eating away 100% CPU.
When using OF_WINDOW instead of OF_FULLSCREEN all runs perfectly smooth, Xorg does not show up on top of “top”.

I am using Ubuntu 16.0.4 with an NVIDIA Card (980). I (just in case) tried proprietary and OpenSource driver for the graphic card, same result. OF is 0.9.8

Anyone any ideas maybe on how to approach this?
Thanks a lot!

small update here: same stalling happens on another machine, freshly installed ubuntu 16.0.4., fresh 0.9.8, also NVIDIA card (Geforce 750 Ti).

can you try OF_GAME_MODE instead of OF_FULLSCREEN?

Hi Arturo,

this gives me full screen only one screen, which is additionally set to 1024x768.
I added

settings.width = 1920*2;
settings.height = 1200;

which does stop the resolution change, still only one screen is used.

thank you very much for checking!

@dasoe I also have found that regression bug in Ubuntu with 0.9.8

We use 0.9.3 without a problem (i haven’t tried any other 0.9.x release), or current nightly builds. There is a little bit more info and the exact code that we use on this issue on the github:

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Nice, I’ll try with 0.9.3.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

I would recommend to try the 0.10 version (available on the nightly builds), as it address a lot of bugfixes and improvements that may be beneficial for your project.The last time I tested, about 2 months ago, it worked properly with the multimonitor fullscreen in ubuntu 16.04.