Fullscreen not completely fullscreen


i am using oF0.9.2 under Debian Jessie using openbox as the window manager

When i start the app in window mode and switch to fullscreen with f key, everything is ok

But when i start the application in fullscreen mode (set in main.cpp) the app goes in fullscreen but the window border remains. I have to switch back to window mode and then fullscreen again, and then the app is really fullscreen.

any idea ?

Any idea ?
Could it be related to the Window Manager i am using ?
How could i get rid of this window border ?

thanks a lot

I tried to install openbox, XFCE and Gnome Shell : same problem on every DM
So it doesn’t seem related to the WM / DM

ok here are some tests i did :

  • stock ubuntu with unity -> ok
  • remove unity and install only openbox and lxde -> fullscreen problem
  • re-install unity and login to unity -> ok under unity
  • logout from unity and login to openbox or lxde -> fullscreen problem

so to be sure i re-installed everything from scratch :

  • ubuntu 14.04 64 bits
  • oF0.9.2

I made a very simple video player app that goes fullscreen at startup

For the test purpose i installed :

    • openbox
    • openbox-gnome
    • LXDE
    • Gnome-session-flashback (compiz)
    • Gnome-session-flashback (Metacity)
    • Unity
    • Plasma desktop

Results :

    • No Fullscreen
    • No Fullscreen
    • No Fullscreen
    • Fullscreen OK
    • No Fullscreen
    • Fullscreen OK
    • No Fullscreen

Also tested on Debian Jessie under openbox, LXDE, XFCE and Gnome Shell. All having issue with fullscreen.

note that toggling fullscreen when app runs work just fine. i am having an issue when forcing fullscreen at app launch

@arturo is it only working with compiz !?

can you try OF_GAME_MODE instead of fullscreen on main? the way we do FULLSCREEN is with custom code, not suing glfw directly to create a window without decorations of the size of the screen so there might be a bug there. i’ve used openbosx before in fullscreen from main and it worked for me without problem so it might be something that has changed recently


thanks for the tip.
Yes it seems it is working in openbox with OF_GAME_MODE but it is like it forces resolution so display is screwed up when quitting the app

it should return to the original resolution when you close the window so it might be crashing but yes in game mode you have to specify the real resolution while in fullscreen the size specified in main is only used when going back to window mode

So there is a bug with the Fullscreen mode then ?

And yes maybe something is also wrong with the resolution not switching back to the original when in Game mode…

It is not possible to toggle fullscreen mode back and forth in game mode though ?

no, game mode is different than fullscreen, fullscreen is just a window without decorations and the same size of the screen so you can just switch the decorations back again and restore the original size of the window but game mode takes over the whole screen output and you can go back to window.

and yes i guess there’s some bug in the calculation of the screen size when going to full screen in main, not sure why that’s happening or if it’s a bug in glfw, OF or the window managers themselves.

as i said before in game mode you should set the size of the window in main to the native resolution of the screen which will avoid problems when closing the app.

can you open an issue in github?


strange that fullscreen mode is working when toggling fullscreen mode once the app is running though…

ok for the bug report in github

well, false alert. OF_GAME_MODE seemed to work under ubuntu on a VM but it doesn’t in my micro PC (Intel Compute Stick) : display is messed up and everything becomes really laggy. And i can’t quit the app nor do anything else.

Yea I found that OF_GAME_MODE doesn’t seem to work well on Intel GPUs. So far it has always been super laggy and pretty much unusable.