Fullscreen dual screen

I was reading in other threads that this was a problem (fullscreen mode & more than one screen).

Not sure if there is a hack around this? anyone have a update?


Hey Todd.

Fullscreen across monitors in os x is pretty easy.
First setup the monitors side by side in System Preferences.

It helps if the resolution is set to the same for both monitors.

Then run your OF app - hit the openFrameworks menu in the menu bar and select preferences.

You should see something like this: http://impssble.com/photos/data/LASERTA-…-ttings.jpg

Make sure “use extended desktop” is checked.
Close the GLUT preferences.
Then don’t hit ESC - but quit the OF application with “Apple-Q” key combination.

If you hit ESC it doesn’t remember your preferences - Quitting it properly saves those preferences for the next time you run the app.

Now if you tell the app to go fullscreen it will go fullscreen across both monitors.

Let me know if that works for you!

sick! works like a charm.


hi theo …

what happens in Windows XP ?

anybody knows how could i make a full-screen mode in XP, which makes the fullscreen on the secondary output ?

my idea is to setup an application at full-screen in the second video output to be able to use a DualHead2Go from Matrox.

i’ve tried to make a “OF_WINDOW” application and i drag this window to the second output, it just stops painting it ?¿ is that normal ?




I’m putting together a startup process for an application.

Here is my setup.
a MacPro with 20’’ screen as primary display and a DualHead2Go [2048*768] as secondary display.
The app is 2048*768.

I want the app to automatically start in full screen mode, on the DualHead [as secondary display].
Is that possible ?

So far here, I have been able to automatically start the app, in window mode, on the DualHead if it’s set as the primary display.

If the app is set to be start in full screen mode, it starts [I can see it in the dock] but nothing will be displayed on any of the screens [primary or secondary].
Is there a solution to this ?

Can an application be automatically launched on a secondary screen ?



in regards to going fullscreen on the second display I don’t think that is possible - for fullscreen across multiple displays - make sure your GLUT preferences are set to use extended desktop.

when your app is running go to the openFrameworks menu in the title bar and select prferences - you should see the above panel. Once you have set the app to use extended desktop - then quit through that same menu otherwise your settings will not be saved. then you should be able to have your app span two monitors.

hope that helps!

For XP I believe in most duelheaded cards there is an option in the video card drivers that allows “spanning” which means that, the computer will treat it as 1 large monitor, and it wont know that it is actually physically split in two.

Check for a ‘horizontal span’ option.

This should allow the program to think that is is all on the primary monitor when its actually spanning across both, solving any problems.

My old ATI cards did not have an option like that, but I’ve only used NVIDIA cards since and their drivers all have it, def something to check before you buy if you need it.


well I guess I will set the DualHead as primary screen, or I will add some steps to the startup procedure :slight_smile: [launch the app, drag it over to the secondary screen - dualHead - press ‘f’ to pass to the fullscreen mode]


hey theo -

this is really useful … especially for performances with GUIs!
is there any way to change those settings directly using glut functions?
the only mention of this feature i found on google are posts of yours.


I’ve tried changing the gl preferences to span across desktops. It works, but i get artifacts. there are two white horizontal lines that go across the top of the screen on both monitors. anyone else getting this? have a solution?

[quote author=“smallfly”]well I guess I will set the DualHead as primary screen, or I will add some steps to the startup procedure :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s how I got dual fullscreen working on Windows (nVidia card set to Dual View, 800x600 at each display):

ofSetupOpenGL(1600,600, OF_WINDOW);  

Yeah , it runs !

Using windows an setup screen , the second screen available with the same resolution, and moving the window to the second screen.TT

ofSetupOpenGL(1024,768, OF_WINDOW);   


…and last of all, for Linux this worked for me:

ofSetupOpenGL(&window, 2880,900, OF_GAME_MODE);			  

No need to call ofSetWindowPosition().
I’ve got an Nvidia card, so I enabled TwinView, set both monitors to be the same resolution then set an Absolute position for both with the second monitor having a positive offset the size of the width of the screen.

[quote author=“AlexandreRangel”]Here’s how I got dual fullscreen working on Windows (nVidia card set to Dual View, 800x600 at each display):

ofSetupOpenGL(1600,600, OF_WINDOW);  


Hi alexander,
I am looking for a graphics card for an installation with two projectors (800x600 each).
it will be only video (no 3D) and I am on low budget.
which nvidia did you use ?
was the performance ok ?


Just if anyone using Mac OS X, make sure you turn off ‘Mirroring’ in the Display settings of System Preferences…

As a side note, the extended desktop method only works when the primary desktop is the left screen. When your primary desktop is the right screen, it simply fullscreens on the left screen.

has anybody had any progress with having fullscreen on second monitor + window or fullscreen on the first?

one issue is that the resolution of my second screen depends on what projector setup i’m using, and rarely relates at all to my first screen resolution.

at the moment i only need to output 2 textures to the second screen, and they dont necessarily need to come up on the first display at all

maybe could make a very light ofx which handles all this stuff (positioning renderers fullscreen on different heads, making multiple GLUT windows)

roikr, OF performance is so incredible, I got this working on any nVidia card made on the last 4 years or so.
My main performance machine is a MacBook with a Nvidia GeForce 9400M.
I think it’s safe for you to go with anything stronger than an onboard Intel chip.

elliotwoods, my app runs fine fullscreen on both heads, 1024x768 on the first one and 640x480, 800x600 or 1024x768 on the second one.
I could even drive three 1024x768 outputs (plus main display) with a Matrox TripleHead adapter.